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Crowdfunding Tips Crowdfundly

15+ Crowdfunding Tips For A Successful Fundraising Campaign

To run a successful fundraising campaign, you have to come with some innovative crowdfunding tips that can lead your campaign to success immediately. And you can get motivated for future success. Here in this blog, you will get to know all about crowdfunding tips.

Crowdfunding Tips Crowdfundly

Why Crowdfunding To Raise Funds?

Crowdfunding can be defined as raising money from small amounts to large to run any business projects, social servings, non-profit campaigns, or anything valid online. The targeted audiences or can say donors are from online through websites, social networking sites, or searches. That can raise funds successfully for any cause crowdfunding. You can call it digital crowdfunding or digital fundraising. As it is one of the popular and effective terms over the internet these days. 

Digital crowdfunding nowadays is encouraged because you can easily reach out to global audiences and the area of collecting funds is not limited. Your donors can be from anywhere in the world. Thus you can create a global connection, in the meantime raise huge funds accordingly. Check out the brief lists of benefits below: 

  • You can use an online digital fundraising platform easier to manage your crowdfund without any hassles. 
  • Choose between donation-based funds or reward-based campaigns to collect funds from donors. 
  • Can build a website or profile to encourage donors to donate with an easy online payment gateway system. 
  • Easily check the performance of your donation success online with the platform or tools like Google Analytics. 
  • Collect huge feedback from visitors, donors to measure the response and come up with better planning for the future.
  • Social media promotion can easily be done for digital platforms with authentic sources, communities, or more to build credibility. 

15+ Crowdfunding Tips For A Successful Campaign

Here in this section, you will get 15+ crowdfunding tips to make your digital fundraising campaign successful and serve your purpose accordingly. Let’s find out all in detail below:

Create A Interactive Crowdfunding Landing Page

One of the best crowdfunding tips starts with creating a separate landing page for your fundraising campaign online. Where you can describe your fundraising campaign purpose, the story behind collecting funds, or donations, and more in detail. This can help donors who always look forward to authentic sources to make their online donation successful. Also, you can modify your landing page in the future and run another campaign with ease. You don’t have to put extra effort on the next time as you have got an online repository already to promote your fundraising campaign. 

Crowdfunding Tips

Make Your Crowdfunding Cause Clear & Concise 

As you are targeting customers online, you have to highlight your crowdfunding story, reasons in a very simple, intuitive way to attract your targeted audience base. So when you want to make your fundraising campaign successful it can be anything, you can apply these crowdfunding tips to get success.  

Highlight Your Previous Crowdfunding Information 

When you want to build a trustworthy relationship among your new donors, you must have to ensure them by highlighting all your previous successful campaign stories. It will help them to donate faster and also can make your current donors happy. 

Crowdfunding Tips

Interactive Crowdfunding Video Works Faster

Your fundraising campaign is based on several causes, and the question is how you can make it reliable or interactive among online visitors or donors. Video content always works faster on this. If you can mention your digital fundraising causes throughout a video, it can prove your reasons real and attract your donors faster. 

Create Urgency On Your Crowdfunding Campaign

This is one of the successful crowdfunding tips that create urgency in your fundraising campaign. Set your expiry date to make it more credible, target-oriented among your online or offline donor base. 

Start Your Crowdfunding With Low Amount 

Not all of your donors come with huge investments. They can have less amount but are enthusiastic to donate. To consider both cases you can start your crowdfunding campaign amount low. That anybody can feel interested and help you raise funds online within a short time to give you success. So this can be one of the successful crowdfunding tips to go with. 

Crowdfunding Tips

Influencer Marketing Works For Crowdfunding

Influencers marketing the finest crowdfunding tips you can have. If you choose the right influencer marketer who will be good for your cause, have that face value and you can then approach them to promote your online fundraising campaign. Influencer marketer’s power is huge to influence donors, investors, or others who are enthusiasts to make them donate and make your fundraising campaign successful. 

Share Crowdfunding Campaign In Social Networks

You must share your fundraising campaign in popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or other social communities where your targeted donors can easily be reached.  It also works faster to make your crowdfunding campaign successful and helps you to get on search engines organically with the proper utilization of hashtags and promotional activities. 

social sharing 01

Can Create Reward-Based Campaign 

The reward-based campaigns can be one of the successful crowdfunding tips to go with. It’s not necessary for all types of campaigns, but if it is for business, political, or other related purposes, then you can make a reward-based campaign to get success. 

Crowdfunding Tips

Showcase All Necessary Information To Add Credibility

You have to create a checklist to make sure all the necessary information, social share links, present donors’ investment, and all should be there. Cross-check and update according to time and boost your fundraising campaign credibility. 

Make Your Payment Gateways Smooth 

Another important crowdfunding tip is that you have to ensure your donation collection platform. You have to provide fully functional channels in which you can get all your crowdfunding donations. You have to ensure how international donors can participate and pay online. So this has to be specific and error-free.  

Crowdfunding Tips

Give the Effort To Build A Community

When you are raising funds as a social worker, company owner, non-profits, or individual, you have to get a plan to build a community on social media or it can be on WhatsApp or others. That you can easily get and connect all your previous, present, and upcoming donors in one place and create a permanent bridge of communication.  

Crowdfunding Tips

Give Update To Your Investors

If you are raising funds, you must have to take in mind that your online donors are precious for you and your campaign. Once you become successful in your campaign, inform investors with a cordial message with thanks, and surely highlight them on your next campaign. That they can be recognized in your community to make them feel the same excitement as you have on your successful fundraising campaign online. 

Choose The Best Crowdfunding Solutions 

As you have already all the fourteen successful crowdfunding tips above. This time the final tactic that you can apply for your fundraising campaign is to choose the best crowdfunding solutions. Which can easily help you do all the rest works easily and effectively without any hassles. You can create an interactive landing page, manage your donors in one platform, collect donations easily from an online gateway system, and more by using an all-in-one solution. 

Crowdfunding Tips

More Facts That You Should Know About Crowdfunding

To be more encouraged about digital crowdfunding you take a look at all the latest statistics or growth ratios within the previous to latest years. Get all exclusive highlights below: 

  • According to PR Newswire, the crowdfunding growth rate is forecasted by 124.35 bn during 2020-2024. (PR Newswire,2021)
  • Also, they state that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is rising over 18%. (PR Newswire,2021)
  • In 2020 6,455,080 worldwide crowdfunding campaigns took place. (Fundera,2021)
  • On average a crowdfunding campaign lasts for 9 weeks. (Fundera,2021)
  • Crowdfunding campaigns that included videos earned 105% more than without videos. (Fundera,2021)
  • Campaigns that updated followers regularly raised 126% more than with no updates. (Fundera,2021)
  • As the US is expected to reach $574.3 million transactional value in crowdfunding in the year 2025. (FinancesOnline, 2021)
  • All crowdfunding platforms’ average funding per campaign across is $5,726. It is projected to raise $6,874 by 2025. (FinancesOnline, 2021)

Crowdfunding – Latest Best Simplified Crowdfunding Solution Online 

If you are convinced, then this section is only for you to get the latest best crowdfunding solution Crowdfunly to simplify your digital fundraising campaign and get success. You can easily create donation or reward based campaigns with this all-in-one SAAS solution online. As it is one of the latest solutions, so it has got all updated, and advanced features to manage all kinds, and unlimited campaigns online. 

Crowdfunding Tips

You can create any type of crowdfunding campaign with your preferred category for business funds, political reasons, non-profit organizations, social workers, any individual to raise money for buying a guitar, or anything. You have the option to use a custom domain for your fundraising campaign with Crowdfundly. 

Crowdfunding Tips

This is a complete platform where you can create a landing page by selecting your preferable category, add text content, videos, include social share integrations, and more to make your fundraising campaign alluring among online fundraisers. 

Crowdfunding Tips

You can distinguish your online fundraising campaign between online and offline contributors, and fundraisers. You can sign roles for your users to manage your crowdfunding campaign as an organization or multiple partners work. 

Crowdfunding Tips

Besides, Crowdfundly is integrated with powerful solutions like online payment gateways PayPal, Stripe, and more to make your online payment process smooth for both ends. It has also come with an escrow management system and can refund money to donors if necessary. 

Crowdfunding Tips

Moreover, if you want you can measure the success of your crowdfunding campaign with its in-built advanced analytics supports. Or can collect the entire report if you and sort data, and analyze data accordingly. With the help of Crowdfundly, you can manage your crowdfunding with ease and hassles.   

Crowdfunding Tips

This is how simply using Crowdfundly, an all-in-one online fundraising solution, you can create, manage and share your fundraising campaign anywhere you want. So if you haven’t used Crowdfundly yet, give it a try now and definitely apply all the crowdfunding tips. And let us know your experience right away by commenting below in this blog. 

Crowdfunding Tips

Bonus Tip: How To Create A Digital Fundraising Campaign For Coronavirus [2021]

Hope you have found this blog helpful. And if you have faced any difficulties regarding anything, contact our support team, or join our Facebook page to know all the latest updates. 

payment methods in crowdfundly

How to Easily Configure Payment Methods In Crowdfundly: Stripe, Paypal

Regardless of the cause behind your fundraiser, collecting funds through a secure payment method is always one of the most important parts of any crowdfunding platform. You need to implement a flexible payment gateway that will enable you to receive donations from all your target locations and transfer the amount hassle-free. 

Payment methods in Crowdfundly

Crowdfundly, an all-in-one digital fundraising platform to make collecting donations and managing your crowdfunding campaigns easier than ever before. When you create your own fundraising organization through Crowdfundly, you get access to powerful, popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. With seamless integrations, your crowdfunding process will be secure and simple. 

In this blog, we will guide you through the step-by-step procedure of setting up different payment methods in Crowdfundly, to help you quickly and effortlessly start raising funds. 

Which Payment Methods Are Best For Your Fundraising Platform?

There are several online payment methods available but you need to make sure that the ones you use are secure and provide you with enough flexibility. Even for an experienced decision-maker, selecting a crowdfunding payment gateway is a difficult undertaking.

payment methods in Crowdfundly

One of the first aspects of a payment method you need to ensure is security. As large sums of money will be transferred, it is mandatory to use a gateway that will not compromise sensitive data such as credit card numbers. 

Another factor to consider when choosing a payment method for your fundraising platform is your area of operation. If you plan to collect money from overseas, you need to make sure the payment method you use operates globally. 

You will also need an online payment method that allows your crowdfunding platform, like Crowdfundly, to scale and handle many transactions without significant delays. This is especially useful for donation and reward-based crowdfunding systems, where the volume is great but the transactions are small.

And finally, you need to consider the payment gateway’s own pricing policies and service fees. Based on the scale and scope of your transactions, you may be able to negotiate rates that will work with your fundraiser. 

Below, we have mentioned a couple of online payment methods that check off all of the factors mentioned above and more. 

Stripe: The Most Trusted Online Payment Method

payment methods in Crowdfundly

Stripe’s online payment processing system is considered one of the most secured and reliable in the market. The payment gateway enables accepting one-time or recurring online donations for crowdfunding platforms and charity communities easily.

It also assists you to collect payments from global users, allow refunds and easily support any price model. There is complete transparency in their pricing policies and you will not encounter any hidden fees. 

PayPal: A Secured Online Payment Processing System

payment methods in Crowdfundly

Another secure and flexible online payment method popular in crowdfunding is PayPal.

With its innovative payment technologies, you can easily integrate PayPal into any fundraising platform or website and collect funds. It also has several data, models, and tools to help prevent and respond to any possible risks.

This adaptable payment gateway enables you to receive donations from overseas with its global services and has a very straightforward pricing policy. 

Configure Stripe & Paypal To Raise Funds With Crowdfundly

Crowdfundly is a SaaS fundraising solution that facilitates anyone who wants to raise money for charitable or meaningful causes. Whether you are a part of a nonprofit, a small business, or an activist, this impressive crowdfunding software gives you the ultimate flexibility to create and manage any fundraising campaign. 

Most importantly, raising funds is made completely effortless through Crowdfundly’s powerful integrations with the best payment methods Stripe and PayPal. When you create an organization within the platform, you can quickly connect your Paypal or Stripe account to donate funds, collect them, or manage refunds. 

Crowdfundly also makes the payment procedure more customizable. Depending on the region you set for your fundraising organization, there might be other options available, such as AamarPay online payment gateway (specifically for Bangladesh).

One thing to keep in mind here is that Crowdfundly does not receive any of the money that is being donated through the platform. The fund will be deposited directly into your connected Stripe or PayPal accounts in real-time. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

However, in this blog, we will focus on how to implement popular global payment gateways Stripe, PayPal, and AamarPay that enable users to collect money from anywhere. Here’s a quick and detailed breakdown of how you can effortlessly tweak your organization’s payment methods effortlessly. Let’s dive and take a look.  

How To Easily Use Stripe With Crowdfundly To Collect Funds?

payment methods in Crowdfundly

Crowdfundly partners up with Stripe, one of the best payment methods for fundraising platforms. Through its powerful integration with the secure and flexible payment gateway, it enables you to seamlessly collect and process funds from your donors and supporters.  

You can easily configure your Stripe accounts and details from the ‘Settings’ tab on your Crowndundly dashboard. This will redirect you to a new page from which you can tweak around any settings of your platform. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

To configure the Stripe payment system, click on the ‘Payments’ tab which will take you to a platform interface with all the available payment methods in your region. 

To be able to accept contributions from your donors or to participate in any kind of transaction, you will need to connect your Stripe account with Crowdfundly first. Hit the blue ‘Connect Crowdfundly with Stripe’ button and provide all your necessary information and credentials to integrate your accounts together. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

When you have successfully connected your Crowdfundly organization to your Stripe account, you need to choose between your Stripe individual account or business account from the drop-down menu as shown below. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

If you choose the Stripe – Individual account, simply enter your Stripe Key and the Stripe Secret codes and you will be ready to start collecting funds for your charitable causes and campaigns. 

How To Quickly Configure Your PayPal Account With Crowdfundly?

Crowdfundly also enables you to integrate it with PayPal, an international platform that supports payments and transactions from around the world. As mentioned earlier, it is one of the most secured payment gateways available for online crowdfunding. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

Integrating PayPal into your Crowdfundly organization account is just as easy. The procedure to follow is very similar to what we have covered with the Stripe payment gateway. Follow the steps given below and you can instantly start collecting funds from anyone, all around the globe.

After signing in to your Crowdfundly organization account, go to the ‘Settings tab’ from the software’s dashboard. Then, select the ‘payment’ option from the settings page and you will be redirected to the payments page. Scroll down the page till you come across the ‘PayPal’ section. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

From here, connecting your Crowdfundly platform to your PayPal account is quite simple. All you have to do is insert your Client ID and Client Secret credentials for your PayPal account. Do not forget to save your settings. 

The PayPal payment gateway will be added to your Crowdfundly platform and all your funds will be automatically transferred from to your account whenever someone donates.  

Connect To Payment Gateways Specific To Your Region Like aamarPay

Crowdfundly also enables you to connect to payment gateways that are more available and in use, in your location of operation. This helps to collect more crowdfunding donations since more people in your country or region can have easy access. One such payment gateway on Crowdfundly is aamarPay, especially integrated for the Bangladeshi community

payment methods in Crowdfundly

You can easily connect your Crowdfundly fundraising organization with your aamarPay account if you plan to seamlessly collect money from Bangladeshi users. Similar to the methods explained above, you need to go to the ‘Settings tab’ and select the ‘payment’ option from the settings page on your software dashboard.

When you scroll down the ‘Settings/Payment’ page, you will come across the aamarPay section. Here, all you have to do is insert your Store ID and password into the input field shown below. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

And that’s it, you can easily raise funds from your clients and donors in Bangladesh, without any hassle. The money collected will instantly be deposited directly into your accounts through Crowdfundly. 

Easily Manage & Track Fundraising With Crowdfundly

The crowdfunding platform also has an advanced wallet feature that helps you keep track of your financial data. You can easily view your entire financial summary as a list, or separately track the net amount, paid amount, awaiting clearance, tips received, and much more at once directly from your dashboard. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

To learn about these payment methods in greater detail, you can visit our documentation page.

Bonus: Quickly Set Up WooCommerce Supported Payment Methods On Your Crowdfundly Plugin

Crowdfundly also brings you the flexibility to easily integrate your fundraising platform to your WordPress websites with the powerful Crowdfundly plugin. The plugin gives you a smooth app-like interface, with all the facilities that you find in the website platform and much more. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

To collect donations from within your Crowdfundly platform on WordPress, you need to integrate your site with WooCommerce supported payment gateways. While this may sound complicated at first, the process is quite simple. 

You need to install and set up payment methods for the WooCommerce plugin from the WooCommerce Settings interface on your website. Then, enable your preferred ways to collect donations and incorporate the API key and Secret key of these payment methods by clicking the ‘Set up’ buttons, as shown below.

payment methods in Crowdfundly

Finally, you need to connect and enable WooCommerce payment methods on your Crowdfundly plugin. On your Crowdfundly ‘Settings’ page, you will find the option to integrate WooCommerce payment. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

Here’s a step-by-step guideline that you can use to set up your preferred payment gateway in Crowdfundly plugin on WordPress. 

Create Successful Campaigns And Raise Funds With Crowdfundly

Crowdfundly makes it simple to raise funds, create campaigns, and work with your entire team all in one place. It can truly take your crowdfunding experiences to newer heights and make them easier and more manageable. 

payment methods in Crowdfundly

Whether you operate from the SAAS platform or use the Crowdfundly plugin in your WordPress websites, you can securely collect funds. 

We hope this in-depth guide is a help to you in setting up your crowdfunding organization; let us know about your experience and thoughts by commenting below. Subscribe to our blogs, and don’t forget to join our Facebook Community to get all the latest updates, special offers, and news.

Kickstarter Crowdfundly Platform

How to Build Your Own Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform Instantly

We all know about the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and maybe a few raised money using it as well. But won’t it be nice to create a personalized crowdfunding platform for yourself? When you have your own platform you will also have more freedom to add branding or change the looks to make it stand out from the rest. 

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform

No, we are not talking about creating a Kickstarter project, rather building your very own crowdfunding platform, where you can post your campaigns and raise funding. Today we will talk about Crowdfundly an all-in-one digital fundraising solution and how to create a stunning fundraising platform like Kickstarter with it easily.

Why Build A Kickstarter Platform Than Just Using Kickstarter

When you need digital fundraising you can just use Kickstarter but there’s the limitation is that you can’t create a personalized landing page for your fundraising organization. But when you have your very own crowdfunding platform, you can customize your fundraising organization’s landing page instantly the way you want. Also, you can create & organize campaigns for fundraising better.

If you build a Kickstarter type crowdfunding platform with Crowdfundly you will have the freedom to brand your own landing page and get more customization freedom. You can bring a more professional look to your landing page and your campaigns.

Crowdfundly: An Alternative To Kickstarter & All-In-One Fundraising Solution

Crowdfundly is a great all-in-one solution for digital fundraising. It is the best alternative to Kickstarter because of all the exclusive features and freedom of customization as you need. With this amazing crowdfunding platform, you can create campaigns and manage them with ease.

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

It gives you so many features that will allow you to have more control over your campaign. Fundraising is not an easy job. You need to create brochures, keep track of your funds and pitch your idea or story to your potential investors, and many more things. Crowdfundly makes all of these things seem easy as pie.

Let’s Check Out The Things You Can Do With Crowdfundly

Crowdfundly will give you many advanced features that elevate your fundraising experience. From customization and branding to getting analytical insights, Crowdfundly has got you fully covered. So without further ado, let’s see what you should expect to get from the Crowdfundly platform.

Sign Up & Get Your Own Crowdfundly Profile Instantly

It’s very easy to start your fundraising journey with Crowdfundly. Just like creating a Kickstarter profile it only takes a few minutes to get your profile in Crowdfundly. Head over to the Crowdfundly website and click on the ‘Get Started For Free’. It will take you to another page.

Kickstarter crowdfunding platform

Next you need to choose a pricing plan, Crowdfundly has affordable price plans for everyone. Even in its free pricing package, you can create your fundraising organization profile fluently and run more than one crowdfunding campaigns easily. Moreover, you can upgrade from one pricing plan from another one whenever you needed.

Kickstarter crowdfunding platform

If you have selected any pro pricing plan, then the next step you to fill up the necessary information and set a password for your account. Once you’re done you can just click ‘Pay Now’ and that’s it.  

1V357Z2FgHff 9NHZ7Ln8J5weQ4W8GCT4u1RQblDMJMJy63L paf0yCviNpelMEc1lKWw g7GKBtJLxi0bVLXaX0fVmG Pqo YzvvwlVA0NK07H

Wasn’t it easy? They will send you a confirmation email after you are done with these steps. When you verify the email, your contributor profile will be created right away. You can then head over to your Crowdfundly profile and get ready for crowdfunding.   

Create & Brand Your fundraising Organization Landing Page In Crowdfundly

Now comes the best part about Crowdfundly accounts that sets it apart from a Kickstarter account. With Crowdfundly you can add your own organization’s landing page.

kickstarter like platform

Once you choose to add your organization you will be taken to another page where you will just fill out some basic information and your fundraising organization page is ready.

kickstarter like platform

When you have your fundraising organization’s landing page it helps to make your brand stand out. So having your own Kickstarter crowdfunding platform is really important if you want to attract more people to contribute to your campaign. Crowdfundly has ready themes for designing your fundraising organization page.

kickstarter like platform

Select The Type Of Crowdfundly Campaign You Want To Run

After you set up your organization page now it’s time to start creating campaigns. First, you need to choose what type of campaign it will be with Crowdfundly. It can be a donation-based campaign or a reward-based campaign. In a donation-based campaign, you can run campaigns for awareness or nonprofit cause and get doations just to help the cause itself. 

kickstarter like platform

In reward-based campaigns, you can offer the contributors a reward for backing you. This type of campaign works with an incentive for the contributors. So you can offer rewards to your contributors after making the fundraising successful.

kickstarter like platform

Now time to select the fundraising target you want to achieve with this campaign. Then you need to choose if it will be a fundraiser with a specific deadline or an ongoing one.

kickstarter like platform

In Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, the funding scheme is ‘all or nothing’. This means, if you don’t reach your fundraising goal, you won’t get the money. But if you create your own Kickstarter crowdfunding platform with Crowdfundly then you won’t have an ‘all or nothing’ situation. 

Write An Impactful Story For Your Campaigns In Crowdfundly 

When you are publishing your campaign on your platform you will need to create a good story for your campaign. A good story can explain to your audience why you are running this campaign and why it is important. 

kickstarter like platform

A well written ‘Campaign Story’ can generate more contributions. So make sure to compose a story that is easily readable and has all the necessary information. Compelling story is important for your fundraising campaigns to get better results in crowdfunding. 

Add Images & Videos To Make People Care More About Your Story

If you want people to care about a cause then you need to tell them the story perfectly. And to make sure people are getting the full picture you need to add videos and pictures to your campaigns for better understanding.

kickstarter like platform

After you have set the duration of the campaign you will see the option to upload multiple images for your fundraising campaign. When you make a Kickstarter campaign you only get to upload a single picture for your project. But on Crowdfundly’s campaign gallery you can add more if you need.

4DUyGxnp5fBIo9MRVoio5ODg4xFT7vuAZW9UhhTmhb9FrZPmKD1GyhYbNxT7iwqpyOhGUwxRUK6rRkKf30p80RRf27wBerHSMyBXxdJDjqB5EHbUqWl Ny8bIuObearz

Just like the pictures, having your own Kickstarter crowdfunding platform means you can add multiple videos for your campaigns video gallery. Sometimes a video can explain better than pictures. You can use the campaign video gallery to showcase important videos that are related to your campaign. Here you can add videos from Vimeo or YouTube and add as many as you like. 

Use The Stunning & Ready To Share Brochure For Social Sharing

If you want your campaign to be successful then you need a lot of contributions. And the best way to get more contributions is to share the campaign on social media. With Crowdfundly, you can share a beautiful campaign brochure on different social media platforms for better response.

Kickstarter like platform

You can directly share that brochure on different social platforms. This will get you more exposure. There is a ‘Contribute’ button linked with the PDF flyer and it will lead the viewer to your campaign’s ‘Contribute Now’ page. You can reach your goal even faster.

The download option is available for the brochure and print it. So you can share it for physical campaigns as well. There is a QR code available on the brochure so when someone scans it with their phones it will take them to your fundraising campaign page. 

Easily Manage Offline Fund Collections By Manually Adding Them

Managing offline fund collection is much easier with your own created Kickstarter like crowdfunding platform, Crowdfundly. If you want to manage an offline fund collection of a campaign just select the campaign and click the ‘Manage’ button with the gear icon. 

kickstartar like platform

Here you can see in the ‘Campaign Analytics’ section, you will find an ‘Offline Contributions’ tab. After clicking on it, you will get to add and check your offline contribution details. So when you add one, a form will appear in front of your screen. You can add all the details of the contributor and the contribution amount. You can even add it as an Anonymous contribution as well. 

kickstarter like platform

Utilize The Built-In Analytics To Evaluate Campaign Performance

Analytics is being used everywhere now. It is really important to evaluate performances. Same goes for your campaigns. At one point you will be wondering how your campaign is doing, so to evaluate the fundraising performance you don’t need to go or rely on other platforms. There is a built-in ‘Campaign Analytics’ section in Crowdfundly itself.

urB6xu7QWXyaKXKDkm4eV3VbcBF ge2NAs Ea68fFSRepdrQxbmq0c JQs3T5s0NcK1BwYgJOt D7Knd3AnJLZblSLAvtxghnOBNoWVfwVEYzmczLAS54O xpeDDCqzdlt XI1Wg

Here you can see there is a ‘Statistics’ tab that will show you all the contributions your campaign has received over the days. There will be an insightful graph that will show you the numbers. With just one look you can analyze your campaign performance. 

When you keep track of the statistics of your campaign, you will figure out where you need to improve to reach your goal. The analytics can tell you a lot about your campaign. Maybe you need to present your campaign in a better way or you may need to look for contributors in a different setting and place. So you must use this essential feature of Crowdfundly to make sure that you reach your goal in time. 

Bonus: Create Fundraising Campaign Site Using Crowdfundly In WordPress

Crowdfundly has great integration with WordPress. The Crowdfundly plugin can be used to create donation campaigns from the Crowdfundly dashboard of WordPress. This makes using your crowdfunding platform easier and it makes your work more efficient.


Just click ‘Add New Campaign’ and you can start creating your campaign. You will get the exact same menu and options for setting up your campaign just like on the Crowdfundly platform.

kickstarter like platform

With a kickstarter campaign you won’t have a dedicated kickstarter plugin to create projects. But with Crowdfundly you get a dedicated plugin to create and manage your campaigns from WordPress.

How To Configure Your Crowdfundly With WordPress 

The integration with WordPress gives Crowdfundly the edge over Kickstarter. It’s very easy to configure your Crowdfundly account with WordPress. It only takes up about a few minutes to complete the configuration.

Step 1: Activate Crowdfundly Plugin In WordPress

First, you need to go to the Plugins tab of your WordPress dashboard. Then you need to click the ‘Add New’ button and search the Crowdfundly plugin. After finding it, just click install and then hit Activate and that’s it.


Step 2: Generate Crowdfundly App Key From Crowdfundly Account

This is also a very simple step, you just need to go to your Crodfundly organization account. Then you need to navigate through the dashboard and click the ‘Settings’ tab. Next you will see ‘App Key’ on the settings page. Now you need to click ‘Generate New App Key’ and there you go, you have your App Key. 


Step 3: Authenticate Your Crowdfundly WordPress Plugin

If you go to your Crowdfundly dashboard you will see there is a tab to fill in your ‘App Key’. Just copy and paste it from your Crowdfundly website and then click ‘Connect’ and your account will be linked instantly.


Use Crowdfundly Plugin To Directly Manage Your Campaigns

You can use Crowdfundly plugin to not only create campaigns on your crowdfunding platform but also manage them fully. So no need to pull up the Crowdfundly website every time you need to manage any part of your campaign. 


You can also use all the features you get with Crowdfundly on your WordPress. So managing funds, evaluating campaigns got much easier with the Crowdfundly WordPress plugin.

Crowdfundly Integration With The Elementor Website Builder

You can use Crowdfundly with Elementor page builder to create some important web pages on your website. With the plugin, you will get 3 different widgets on your Elementor page builder. 

Display Your Organization With Crowdfundly Organization Widget

With the ‘Crowdfundly Organization’ widget you can showcase your organization on your web page. Just drag and drop the widget on your page and instantly Elementor will pull up your organization landing page.


That’s not all you can adjust and customize with the ‘Style’ tab. You can change the background color and add multiple images on the slider. Also, adjust the slider the way you want. And you also get the ability to change the background color of your ‘Organization Detail’ to make it stand out even more.


Highlight One Campaign With Crowdfundly Single Campaign Widget

You can choose to highlight one of your campaigns with the Elementor Crowdfundly Single Campaign widget. You can just drag & drop it on your page and select the campaign you want to display.

Es2Q2bNM8avyOaS1hbqF1X8FR7qMqTVEa8v3ZW3e4ZKaqv kGIrCGElki2D nac746OeS9aE4F0y3wB9GKvNCfnE7SSGsMocA17 yPa 4zFTsxp

You can also adjust all the little details here on the ‘Style’ tab. So you can display one of your campaigns on your website in a beautiful manner. You can read here to understand how you can adjust it more.

Showcase All Of Your Campaigns With Crowdfundly All Campaign Widget

There is another widget called Crowdfundly All Campaign in Elementor page builder. With this widget you can show all of your campaigns of your organization in one page.


Get More Exclusive Features From Crowdfundly

Want to get some extra features on your Kickstarter crowdfunding platform? You can get the premium Crowdfundly packages and get some exclusive features that will make your fundraising experience better. Let’s check these features out.


Run Unlimited Active Campaigns With The Pro Version

If you use the Crowdfundly Pro then you will get to run unlimited active campaigns. This is an amazing opportunity if you are looking for a permanent lifetime solution for your digital fundraising.

Allow Fundraisers To Run Their Campaigns Through You

Once you get the Crowdfundly Pro, you can add fundraisers to your organization. Fundraisers are your local community people who need to run campaigns. You can allow them to run their campaigns on your organization.

Add Multiple Team Members To Manage Your Campaigns

Manage team members to your fundraising organization with the Crowdfundly Pro. Team members can help you to manage your campaigns. So getting the Pro version can help you a lot.


Create Your Personalized Custom Domain For Organization

With the Pro, you can also get a personalized custom domain for your organization. This will bring a more official vibe to your fundraising platform. And customizing your domain is really easy.


Enable Donation Tip Option To Make Contribution Easier

Crowdfundly Pro versions allow you to get donation tips from your contributors. These tips can help you financially to operate the campaign better. And many contributors like to tip the organization for their efforts.


Take A Look At The Crowdfundly Pricing Plans

Crowdfundly has some flexible and affordable pricing plans for the Pro versions. So if you are interested in getting a great solution for your fundraising then check them out now.


Start Fundraising With Crowdfundly

Starting your own Kickstarter crowdfunding platform with Crowdfundly is much better than just creating a project on Kickstarter. Here you can have a personalized platform for your fundraising needs. So get started with Crowdfundly for free, or get exclusive Lifetime Access starting at only $59.00

Crowdfundly Promotion Banner update1280x720 2

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to comment below or contact our support team here. We would love to get a response from you and make the Crowdfundly experience even better. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs to get the latest news about Crowdfundly.

Digital Fundraising Campaign Coronavirus

How To Create A Digital Fundraising Campaign For Coronavirus [2021]

If you look carefully at the statistics of fundraising during this coronavirus pandemic, you can easily analyze the success rate of digital fundraising campaigns. In this blog, we will introduce you to the all-in-one crowdfunding & fundraising solution to collect funds more effectively whenever you need.

Digital Fundraising Campaign Coronavirus

Why Should You Create A Digital Fundraising Campaign For Coronavirus?

Worldwide people are still suffering and the situation of this pandemic is still unstable and going worse from place to place. Social workers, activists, self-declaring volunteers are there who want to raise funds to provide help to the needy one.

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

✅As offline fundraising is difficult in this pandemic, so people are now moving mostly on online platforms to create their crowdfunding campaign and raise funds immediately.

✅Besides this situational aspect, as the latest trend of digitalization, anyone who wants to collect funds is more willing to focus on online campaigns. 

✅Because it’s easier to spread the motive of your fundraising campaign for coronavirus, and collect more funds in a short period. 

✅Also, some donors are ready for donation but lack reliable sources they can not make it happened. So if anyone makes their digital fundraising campaign for coronavirus with credible information, they will be successful without any doubts. 

Check this detailed article of Forbes mentioning how nonprofits are raising funds through digital fundraising in this Coronavirus pandemic.

Tips For Creating A Digital Crowdfunding Campaign During Coronavirus Outbreak

If you are a non-profit organization, self fundraiser, volunteer, or anyone who wants to raise funds in this severe coronavirus situation next and help the people in need. Then you have to know some amazing tips before creating your fundraising campaign during this Coronavirus outbreak. Take a look at it:

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Directly Hit The Point & Be More Transparent Than Ever Before

When your crowdfunding platform is online, you have to make sure you provide all the relevant information accurately on site. You can showcase the success that you have done with some of your collected amounts during this pandemic and gain your donors’ trust in an instance. The more you will be transparent, the more funds you can raise online without any hassle.

Be Creative With Virtual Options For Digital Fundraising

Ensure your fundraising campaign authentication by sharing lots of information, real-time images, and more. That will help your targeted donors’ group to attract easily and instantly make the donation for coronavirus. You can also add videos of people who need help and ask for help with more reliable content. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Start Your Campaign Quickly With The Right Solution 

You have to select your crowdfunding platform very carefully by which you can easily create multiple separate fundraising campaigns from one place. And manage it in advance. Make sure you can analyze your campaign data to make your further move. So an all-in-one digital fundraising platform can help you with this. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Stay Connected All The Time To Raise More Funds

During the time of your fundraising campaign, you have to ensure seamless online communication with your donors. You can create a form to communicate with you through email or if you are using an advanced solution in-app messaging is the latest trend to go with. 

Share Your Fundraising Campaign On Social Media

Social media can help you to connect with all the communities, donors, or anyone interested to donate to the coronavirus pandemic can easily be traced. You have shared your fundraising campaign information beautifully on different social networking sites and stay connected. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

How To Create A Digital Fundraising Campaign For Coronavirus?

As you already know the reasons for creating a digital fundraising campaign for coronavirus and how to make it successful online. Here in this section, you will find an all-in-one digital fundraising solution that comes with an advanced facility to raise funds immediately. Before that, get to know what you should look into a complete digital fundraising solution below: 

  • Create a complete digital fundraising profile
  • Able to build unlimited, separate fundraising campaigns.  
  • Have the option to create reward-based or donation-based or both ones
  • Manage & organize your online fundraising team roles 
  • Advanced in-app messaging system be integrated
  • Handle your both online & offline contributions seamlessly
  • Integrate with advanced online payment gateway systems
  • Sort & filter your digital fundraising data 
  • Get insightful detailed Analytics to measure your campaign success
  • Custom domain facility & many more to explore

So now you can easily decide what you are looking for and acknowledge all the latest features in mind. Without any other info let’s jump into the next section and start raising your digital fundraising funds for coronavirus

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Introducing Crowdfundly Your All In One Digital Fundraising Solution During This Pandemic

Crowdfundly making history starts with coronavirus time when people are more likely to create online fundraising campaigns and raise funds for the needful person, family, community, or more. As everything went online last year, this is the only way online you can make this happen. 

There the plan starts with developing a complete digital fundraising solution Crowdfundly. This will help you to create your campaign, design it in advance, also analyze data with lots of other exclusive features that you have seen above.

🚀Get Started With Crowdfundly To Launch Your Digital Fundraising Campaign For Coronavirus 

With Crowdfundly you can create two types of fundraising campaigns for Coronavirus as a fundraiser. One is a reward-based campaign and another one is a donation-based campaign.  Here you will get to know both of these with step-by-step guidelines below. Just make sure after that have which type of campaign you want to create to raise your digital fundraising for coronavirus. 

Before starting anything, make sure you have created a Crowdfundly subscription account. After logging into your account, you need to create a Crowdfundly organization account and proceed with the following simple steps of these two detailed linked documentation. 

Create A Reward Based  Online Fundraising Campaign

Assuming you are fully ready with your Crowdfundly account and now let’s get started: 

Step 1: Configure Your Reward Based Campaign  

First, click on the ‘Campaigns’ section from your Crowdfundly dashboard. It will redirect you to a new page where you have to click on the blue ‘Add New Campaign’, and it will come up with the two options ‘Reward Based Campaign’ & ‘Donation Based Campaign’ there. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Choose the ‘Reward Based Campaign’ option, and it will provide you with a lot of ‘Campaign Category’ there. Even if you didn’t find your preferred campaign categories, you can use the ‘Request New Category’ from the bottom section, and set up your own. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Afterward, pick your preferred one and go to the next section to ‘Write Title’ for your reward-based campaign to proceed further. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Afterward, you have to set up your fundraising campaign targeted amount you want to raise for your reward-based campaign. For that, hit the ‘Next’ button to provide a deadline for your campaign by clicking on the ‘Fundraise with a specific date’ option. If you do not want to set any deadline, then simply just pick the ‘Ongoing (no deadline) fundraise’ option. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Step 2: Create Your Online Fundraising Story 

You can make a stunning fundraising campaign landing page by inserting as many images as you want to add from this section. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Besides, you can add interactive videos about your fundraising campaigns to make them more engaging for your targeted audiences’. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Now you are here to tell the story beautifully by adding header, text, images, videos, and more in these separate sections. This will help you to engage your audience in your campaign and raise funds immediately.   

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Step 3: Setup Your Campaign Rewards 

In this section, you can set up your rewards for your fundraising campaign. This will make your fundraiser know what amount of money they will get after your successful campaign. Insert a name for your reward, set the price or monetary value, the number of rewards available in stock, shipping costs if necessary, images, and other details.

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

After completing all the steps carefully, you will be able to create a reward-based campaign just within a few minutes. If you want to know more, check out this detailed reward based campaign documentation of Crowdfundly. 

Create A Donation Based Fundraising Campaign

All the steps that you have followed for the ‘Reward Based Campaign’ as the same goes for ‘Donation Based Campaign’, just the Campaign Rewards option are not presented there. Let’s get a clear view below:

Step 1: Configure Your Donation Campaign 

After hitting the ‘Add New Campaign’ section, pick the ‘Donation Based Campaign’ option from there, and choose your Campaign Category or  ‘Request New Category’. Hit the ‘Next’ button and insert your campaign title from there to set up the targeted amount you want to raise for your donation based campaign.  

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Now go to the next section to configure your fundraising campaign deadline by clicking on the ‘Fundraise with a specific date’ option or you don’t want to set any, simply just go with the ‘Ongoing (no deadline) fundraise’ option.  

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Step 2: Tell Your Online Fundraising Story

Now is the time to create your donation-based fundraising campaign landing page. You can insert as many images, and videos as per your preferences. 

At last, you are there to make your story engaging for your targeted audiences by adding header, text, images, videos, and more. You can design your donation fundraising campaign as you want it.  

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Step 3: Check & Publish Your Donation Campaign

Congratulations! After successfully completing all the steps accordingly, you can now check & publish your donation-based campaigns immediately. Even if you want to know more, check out in details here.  

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

This is how simply using Crowdfundly the all-in-one online fundraising solution, you can create, manage and share your fundraising campaign anywhere you want. So if you didn’t use Crowdfundly yet, give it a try now and let us know your experience right away by commenting below in this blog. 
If you have faced any difficulties regarding anything, contact our support team, or join our Facebook group to know all the latest updates.

Crowdfundly Promotion Banner another version 1200x800 1

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

How to Create Your Own Crowdfunding Campaign Like Indiegogo [2021]

Do you want to build your own crowdfunding platform that will work a lot like Indiegogo, but with more flexibility? Well, that’s where Crowdfundly comes in. With Crowdfundly, you can make your own crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo, and even go a step further with its advanced features.

Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign

This all-in-one digital fundraising solution has the potential to become the next big thing in the crowdfunding world. You can use Crowdfundly to create your own campaigns, build a fundraising organization, create your own branded landing pages, create and manage a fundraising team, and much more.

Alternative To Indiegogo?

Despite the fact that Indiegogo has created one of the largest crowdfunding platforms, there are some reasons why Indiegogo may not be your ideal choice. Suppose you have a good cause and want to start a fundraising project, but you don’t know where to begin. Indiegogo may appear to be overwhelming because it maintains various types of qualifying criteria before allowing you to launch a campaign.  

Moreover, as Indiegogo’s target market is entrepreneurs, there must be a mutual agreement between the campaigners and the backers which may not be desirable to everyone. Instead, you can choose Crowdfundly to run any type of campaign, be it a donation-based campaign or a reward-based campaign.

And this is just the beginning. Crowdfundly also comes with several more features to give you full flexibility over your fundraising projects. Let’s dive in and see how you can use Crowdfundly to build your own fundraising campaign like Indiegogo.

Develop A Plan For Your Digital Fundraising 

With the development of technologies, collecting donations has become easier. But before you start looking into digital fundraising platforms, you have to go step-by-step to create a thorough plan. Starting from analyzing your target audience to creating a story, you have to plan everything beforehand.

manager prioritizing tasks list 74855 5272

Decide Your Campaign Type 

When you are about to launch a campaign, you must first decide on the type of campaign you want to run. You can decide if it is for any fun event, disaster relief, animal welfare, or some other type of funding. This step is very important because you will eventually research your target audience based on the type of campaign you will choose. 

Choose Payment Methods For Collecting Funds

social support concept residents getting basic benefits from government 74855 11060

We are living in a time where we are flooded with choices. When it comes to collecting money, we have multiple options. You have the option of collecting funds only from online donors or from both online and offline donors. Similarly, you can choose whether to set up payment methods with PayPal, bank transfers, or Stripe. So choose your method for collecting funds wisely as you have to build your later plan based on this decision.

Create Your Campaigns And Start Fundraising

Finally, after you have decided what type of campaigns you want to raise funds for, and which payment methods you want to go for, it is time to create your fundraising campaigns.

Now there are tons of websites like Indiegogo that will offer you different options to create campaigns. But if you want the most flexibility, then why not build your fundraising platform with Crowfundly? Here’s what you can do with Crowdfundly, and why you should choose it to build crowdfunding campaigns like Indiegogo.

1. Raise Funds For Variety Of Causes

Just like Indiegogo, you can raise funds for many types of causes. But, while Indiegogo is more focused on entrepreneurs, Crowdfundly enables you to create two types of fundraising campaigns. After you’ve created your organization account, you can choose between donation-based and reward-based campaigns in the campaign types menu. When you need to raise funds for a charitable cause, you can use the donation-based campaign.

Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

For example, you may wish to raise funds for underprivileged children from rural areas, or you may wish to assist flood-affected populations who require immediate assistance from others. These could be some charitable causes that raise awareness among the general public. Through this solution, you can create awareness too.

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

In the case of reward-based campaigns, you give your contributors a reason to donate and help you reach your goal. When they make a donation to you, you provide the promised reward.

You can easily set up campaigns like this using Crowdfundly’s Campaign Assistance. The setup procedure is very straightforward and easy to follow. All you have to do is follow the instructions and fill in the blanks. Creating your campaigns has never been easier.

2. Attract Donors With Branded Pages

Attracting donor’s attention is very important because if you do not get enough attention, you will struggle to create connections and build relationships with people. That is why Crowdfundly lets you create beautiful, branded campaign pages and fundraiser pages.

You can even choose from some ready themes and make your campaign page stand out by adding images, videos and much more.

ezgif 6 6204330562be

This is another way you get more flexibility with Crowdfundly to create your own fundraising platform like Indiegogo.

3. Seamless Integration With Popular Payment Methods

Crowdfundly makes it easy for the organizers to create crowdfunding campaigns and raise funds. You can collect funds from international donors through various payment methods. For example, you can easily set up payment methods with popular platforms like Stripe and PayPal.

stripe configuration crowdfundly 1

4. Monitor The Performance Of Your Campaigns 

You can quickly calculate the success of your campaigns using Crowdfundly’s built-in Analytics tool. From the campaign manager option, you’ll find a ‘Statistics’ tab. This feature will provide you with a complete performance report.

manage campaign 03 2

5. Share Your Campaign Brochure On Social Media

Any form of campaign should have a social media presence because it will attract more interest from the general public. You can post your campaign brochure on social media to attract a larger audience. 

social sharing 01 1

Crowdfundly’s shared content will include a QR code that people can scan to go straight to your campaign page. Or you can simply share the campaign as a link on your social media account. 

You can also update your campaign brochure in Crowdfundly. This feature is important because after launching a campaign you might need to add some extra information to your brochure. You can easily configure it just by going through a few clicks.

6. Streamline Your Fundraising Tasks And Workflow

Keeping a smooth workflow and managing a fundraising team is a difficult challenge. Crowdfundly allows you to quickly create and manage roles so you can manage your crowdfunding campaigns and related tasks smoothly.. You can add team members and assign them roles to make sure your fundraising tasks are being carried out as planned.

3 1 2

How To Build Your Fundraising Website Using Crowdfundly?

This is where the fun part begins. We will show you how you can open a Crowdfundly account and launch your own crowdfunding campaign on your newly created website. That’s right. You can create a stunning fundraising platform like Indiegogo with a few clicks.

Step 1: Create A Contributor Profile In Crowdfundly

First, head over to the Crowdfundly website and click on “Get Started For Free”. It will take to page where you can choose to get started for free, or select any of our flexible pricing plans.

2 2

After selecting your plan, add all the required information and then verify your email address to create your contributor profile in Crowdfundly.

Step 2: Add Your Organization With Details 

The next step is to go to your profile and select “Add Organization”. You can create multiple organizations at a time from here. As your Crowdfundly account is fully ready, this step is essential if you want to create a fundraising organization and launch a crowdfunding campaign like Indiegogo.

pasted image 0 13

Now you can provide basic information about your organization. Set a suitable name for your organization and give a detailed but precise description. It will clear up any doubt of the donors when they see your campaign.


Step 3: Create Your Crowdfunding Campaign 

Crowdfundly gives you the freedom to launch any type of campaign you want. You can include a donation-based campaign in which people can donate any amount they want, as well as a reward-based campaign in which you can reward people for helping you reach your goal. After logging into your organization account, click the “Add New Campaign” button as shown below. 

screely 1605757601726

Step 4: Preview Your Published Campaign 

As you have launched a campaign successfully, it is time to preview the website. The preview option will help you to see if you want to make any changes or not. You can always go back and change settings.

ezgif 6 9d60ab448f25 3

This is how you can use Crowdfundly to create your own crowdfunding campaign like Indiegogo with just a few simple steps.

Unlock All Exclusive Features Of Crowdfundly

People’s online activities are increasing all the time, so digitalizing the fundraising process is a no-brainer. To maintain this new practice, begin using Crowdfundly, an incredible fundraising solution for reaching national and international donors. Without a doubt, Crowdfundly is an amazing alternative for Indiegogo.

Unlock all premium features from Crowdfundly and start fundraising for causes that matter to you with our exclusive Lifetime Deal that starts at $59.00 only.

Crowdfundly Promotion Banner update1280x720 2

If you have any feedback or suggestions, reach out to our support team or join our friendly Facebook Community.

How To Raise Donations For Church 1

How To Raise Donation For Church Easily – Step By Step Guide [2021]

If you want to raise a donation for church or other nonprofit organizations, you will need creative, enticing methods to raise awareness to make the donation campaign successful. Wondering how to start from scratch?  Then start reading to find out the step-by-step guideline to raise a donation for church. 

donation for church

Creating donation campaigns to raise money for the church is different than other fundraisers. To raise donations for this kind of charity, you’ll need the right kind of people as your contributors. If you can succeed then you’ll be able to raise donation for church the way Trinity Grace Church in Williamsburg had raised $100,000 in 40 days.  

Set Your Fundraising Campaign Goal

Prior to starting a fundraising campaign, you should first decide on your goals. This will drive your fundraising efforts and help you reach your fundraising target more quickly. You can raise donation for church reconstruction, Sunday morning services, and so on. Based on these, you then have to create a practical strategy and take action.   

donation for church

To raise a donation for church, you should put in place these important steps for setting fundraising goal: 

  • Set which types of donation campaign you want to run
  • Select your fundraising target and campaign running duration
  • Chose a platform where you want to run your donation campaigns

Choose A Suitable Platform To Raise Donation For Church

You will need a suitable fundraising platform to run your donation campaigns in organized way. In order to begin by following conventional methods, you will first need to arrange for an organization to raise funds for you, then run a fundraising campaign, and finally, meet your fundraising targets. If you want to avoid all the hassle of running physical donation campaigns then going for online fundraising platforms is the best choice. 

donation for church

You can raise funds online by reaching a wider audience to collect contributions. Furthermore, donation campaigns can be run within your budget. With an online fundraising platform, you can manage your ongoing campaigns easily from any part of the world. As a result, online fundraising platforms are becoming increasingly popular. 

Introducing Crowdfundly: The Best Online Solution To Raise Donations

There are some online fundraising platforms available with which you can easily raise donation for church. When it comes to creating a successful campaign, using a tool that doesn’t require any coding, Crowdfundly is your best option. 

With Crowdfundly, you can easily create your organization site, run fundraising campaigns for free, and many more. With its exclusive features, it is also convenient for anyone to get started in making donation campaigns for the first time. 

Step-By-Step Guide: Create A Fundraiser For Church With Crowdfundly

It’s time to start creating fundraising campaigns to raise money for church. Follow this step-by-step guide to create the campaign and make your fundraising successful. 

Step 1: Create Your Account In Crowdfundly

If you are creating donation campaigns for church with Crowdfundly for the first time, then you will have to sign up on Crowdfundly. Crowdfundly gives you the opportunity to create an account totally free. From the Crowdfundly landing page, you can create your account instantly.

donation for church

Put down all the essential information to complete the signup process. Don’t forget to add information about your organization. Thus you can easily create your fundraising organization page with Crowdfundly. 

donation for church

Step 2: Create A New Campaign To Raise Money For Church

To create a new donation campaign you have to click on the ‘Add New Campaign’ button from your Crowdfundly dashboard. Now set your campaign type. Depending on your donation goal you can create a reward-based campaign or donation-based campaign. Also, select the donation campaign category. 

donation for church

Add the title to your campaign and explain why you’re running the fundraising campaign. You can also add photos and videos to make your campaign look more credible.  

Step 3: Set A Fundraising Target And Deadline

Now set your fundraising target and the deadline for your campaign to raise money. You can do this easily with the help of the ‘Campaign Assistant’ feature in Crowdfundly as shown below.

donation for church

Time To Publish Your First Donation Campaign

Once you’re done following the above steps, hit the ‘Publish Your Campaign’ button to share your campaign with the world. Congrats! You have created your first campaign to raise donation for church. Now promote your donation campaign by sharing it on multiple social media. 

donation for church

Seamlessly Integrate Your Fundraising Campaign Into WordPress

If you already have a WordPress website then good news for you! You can seamlessly integrate your fundraising campaign into your WordPress website within a minute. Crowdfundly lets you quickly set up your campaigns on your website with the WordPress Plugin. You can even collect donations through WordPress website without any custom coding. 

donation for church

Furthermore, if you use the Elementor website builder to create websites, you can also utilize the Essential Addons for Elementor with Crowdfundly to build stunning fundraising pages. Essential Addons is the most popular Elementor library with 1 million active users and 70+ exclusive widgets. 

donation for church

If you want to give your fundraising website a stunning look to grab contributor attention easily then you can go for ready Elementor templates for donation websites from Templately. All you have to do is insert templates and publish your donation website instantly. 

To help you out, here are suggesting some stunning Elementor templates for donation websites that are directly compatible with Crowdfundly. 

1. TrustAid: Charity Website Template For Elementor

You will get an outstanding look for your fundraising website with this beautifully designed Elementor template. TrustAid’s versatile design is ideal for creating a website for nonprofit organizations, donation for church and and so on. 

donation for church

2. Hope: Non-Profit Website Template For Elementor

It’s another stunning Elementor template from Templately to create donation websites. This template is 100% responsive and has cross-browser compatibility. Hope will help you to create a seamless experience for your site visitors. 

donation for church

3. DoNation: Ready Template Pack For Charity Website

DoNation is another popular Elementor template From Templatelythat is fully Crowdfundly compatible and has 9 ready templates. So you can easily create a complete website to raise donation for church instantly. 

donation for church

⭐⭐⭐ Bonus: More Ideas To Raise Donation For Church

Only creating fundraising campaigns will not be enough to raise donation for church. You have to meet your target within the deadline. To boost your fundraising campaign, here are some tips and tricks to raise donation for church. 

👉 Share Your Donation Campaign Social Media

Nowadays social media is not only used as an entertainment medium, but also helping to create awareness, gather donations, and so on. You can share your ongoing campaign on multiple social media. You can also share daily updates of your campaign through Crowdfundly, just head over to your campaign page and click on “share” button. 

donation for church

👉 Film A Video And Add It To Your Campaign

The best way to grab visitors’ attention immediately is by creating video content. Videos help audiences relate to the situation and thus results in a boost in donation funds. So you can create a stunning video campaign to raise donation for church and add it to your donation campaign as well. And of course, you can always add these videos to your campaign in Crowdfundly as well.

donation for church

👉 Encourage Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Another way to boost your campaign to raise donation for church is to encourage peer-to-peer fundraising. It will help you to easily manage contributors. So run activities that will influence the audience for peer-to-peer fundraising.  

donation for church

👉 Gain Credibility By Sharing Endorsement

Endorsements are the best social proof strategy to raise awareness and build credibility. Crowdfundly offers an endorsement section for contributors so that they can share their thoughts about your campaigns. This will help new visitors to your site to build trust. 

donation for church

👉 Arrange A Community Activity

You can use the blessing of having a website properly to boost your donation campaigns. On your website, you can through multiple online community activities like throwing a virtual get-together, webinars, and so on. These will help you to grab the attention of your niche customers. 

donation for church

👉 Set A Short Deadline For Your Fundraising Campaign

Setting a deadline for raising donation for church campaigns will motivate everyone to give more. Crowdfundly lets you set campaign deadlines so that people feel the need to contribute urgently. That will help potential customers to contribute to your campaign instantly. 

donation for church

These are all the basic yet essential steps to successfully raise donation for church. Hopefully, with this tutorial, you’ll be able to create an effective donation campaign for your church. 

Enjoyed this post? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. If you want to keep getting updates about the latest updates, tutorials, and news, then subscribe to our blog or join our Facebook Community.


How To Build Your Own GoFundMe To Collect Donation

While creating a fundraiser on popular crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe can bring you a lot of exposure, imagine how much more you could do if you could build your own GoFundMe. That’s right, in today’s post, we are going to show you how you can create your own fundraising platform with the help of all-in-one digital solutions like Crowdfundly


Digital crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe allow thousands of small businesses and individuals to garner the capital they need to fund their growth, bring ideas and innovations to life, and develop their products and services. Non-profit organizations and activists can gather donations to support meaningful charitable causes. 

However, creating donation campaigns on third-party crowdfunding platforms also come with their own limitations. On the other hand, if you were to build your own fundraising platform, not only would you be able to start fundraising campaigns, but you could also set up your own team and manage them, create branded pages for your fundraising organization, and even use analytics tools to get insightful data about your campaign performance.

This is where Crowdfundly comes in. It is, an all-in-one digital fundraising solution that lets you build your own crowdfunding platform with complete control over all campaigns and donations. Whether you are a part of a nonprofit, a small business, or an individual activist, this all-in-one digital solution gives you the ultimate flexibility to create and manage your fundraising platform.


Before we dive into Crowdfundly and its many advanced features, let us find out why building your own fundraising platform is a good idea.

Why Should You Build Your Own GoFundMe Platform?

As mentioned earlier, working with large fundraising websites such as GoFundMe is a great way to raise funds, but there are some limitations to what you can do. You may not get complete control of your campaigns and have to compromise your privacy by handing over personal details. Moreover, you are bound to pay a portion of your fund regardless of how small the amount you have collected. 

The best way to avoid any such inconveniences is to build your own crowdfunding platform and collect donations. Many immediate and long-term benefits come with it when properly designed and carried out.

Advantages Of Building Your Own Fundraising Platform Like GoFundMe:

👉 Get more exposure and engagement: With a branded fundraising page solely dedicated to your cause and campaigns, you can easily grab the attention of potential donors and backers. You can tell your story more conveniently and connect to a broader audience through direct involvement. 

👉 Get complete control of your campaigns: By building your own platform, you will be able to control every aspect of the fundraising campaigns and projects. Unlike when collecting donations through a third-party website like GoFundMe, you will get direct access to user information and contribution data.

👉 No entry barrier: Platforms like GoFundMe can reject campaign ideas and causes. This is not a worry when you have your own crowdfunding platform, as you get to approve which campaigns should be published.

Crowdfundly: An All-In-One Digital Alternative To GoFundMe

Crowdfundly is a digital fundraising platform built to facilitate anyone who wants to raise money for different fundraising causes. It is one of the best alternatives to GoFundMe and other similar websites for many reasons. Here, you not only get to create campaigns and raise donations, but you can build your own crowdfunding organization as well.

With many advanced features, Crowdfundly enables you to create and manage multiple types of campaigns, work with fundraisers, collect funds, and much more. It is the perfect solution to take your online fundraising experience to the next level. Let’s find out how!

1. Create A Contributor Profile And Donate To Campaigns

Crowdfundly allows you to create a contributor profile from anywhere in the world. With a profile on this platform, you can contribute to and participate in running fundraising campaigns with just a few clicks. 

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The contributor profile will hold information and data related to all your contributions. You will be able to view the number of times you have contributed to a particular cause, the campaigns you have participated in, and also the number of times you’ve shared a campaign on social media to spread the word. 

That’s not all; you can also keep track of the amount you have contributed, including the exact date and time of contribution. You can find out about the refunds you have asked for and tips you have given over time. 

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The contributor profile also enables you to create your own fundraising organizations and work in teams through the Crowdfundly platform. But more on these features in just a bit.

2. Add Your Own Fundraising Organization With A Few Clicks

Once you have created a contributor profile through Crowdfundly, you can add your own organization. You no longer have to rely on other fundraising sites like GoFundMe to host your campaigns. This amazing feature allows you to create multiple campaigns within your organization, handle all your crowdfunding tasks and donations from one place and also analyze their performances. 

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This advanced feature enables you to tell engaging stories by adding descriptions to attract and convince potential donors to contribute to your cause. You can add related images and videos to create a stunning organization page and make it stand out from all others on the web. Through simple, easy steps, you can set the locations, accepted currencies, and other details for your organization effortlessly. 

On your organization page, you can also add links to your social accounts to showcase authenticity and use social proof to garner the donors’ trust. You can also visualize all your campaigns from the same page.

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Through the organization dashboard, you can track your campaigns, manage all online and offline contributions and donations collected, data about your donors, and much more. You also get to view graphical statistics and analyze the performance of your campaigns. 

Moreover, with Crowdfundly, you can easily add team members to your organization and assign them different roles. The premium plans lets you add unlimited number of team members and You can also work with other fundraisers and local communities or non-profit organizations to host meaningful campaigns.

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Every feature that you will find on GoFundMe is available to you here but with much more control and personalization opportunities. 

3. Add A Custom Domain For Your Fundraising Organization

A feature you will find on Crowdfundly is the ability to add custom domain for your fundraising organization. This is an exclusive and premium feature, that lets you add your own domain for your organization page.

You can make your fundraising organization page stand out and make it seem more credible with your own custom domain. It will also increase your organization’s search engine ranking.

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4. Create Your Own Campaigns And Host Multiple Fundraisers

With your own fundraising platform, you can create and host multiple fundraising campaigns. 

Crowdfundly enables you to create up to two campaigns through its free account, but you will have to purchase the premium subscriptions to enable more campaigns and host fundraisers. 

It gives you the flexibility to collect donations through any kind of campaign. You can choose to launch a ‘donation based campaign’ or create a ‘reward based campaign’ and then customize each type through a wide range of categories available on Crowdfundly.

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You can also work with third-party fundraisers or the local communities. Just like GoFundMe, you can allow others to create meaningful campaigns and host them within your organization’s platform. Of course, you will have to manage all the responsibilities and activities yourself.

5. Add Team Members To Manage Your Fundraising Activities

Managing multiple campaigns and dealing with all crowdfunding tasks can be quite tedious. To help you streamline your work and increase efficiency in your fundraising organization, Crowdfundly allows you to add team members to your organization.

Having multiple team members can assure your success in running numerous fundraising or donation campaigns. When you add new team members, you can also assign them different roles.

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You also get the flexibility to assign permissions for each role separately. This will help every team member work in a streamlined manner without any problem.

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6. Allow Anonymous Contributions To Protect User Privacy 

When it comes to donating to certain causes, investors and contributors may feel the need to keep their identities hidden. Crowdfundly has an impressive feature that allows the contributors to donate anonymously and ensure privacy.  


If you want to see how many anonymous donations a campaign has received, you can easily do that by heading over to your campaign page and clicking on the ‘Activities‘ tab to view your anonymous contributions.

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7. Integration With Popular Payment Methods

Crowdfundly has seamless integrations with many popular payment methods. You can seamlessly connect various online payment gateways to allow hassle-free donations, manage funds and handle refunds or withdrawals. These include Stripe Payment methods for both individual and business accounts and PayPal


However, Crowdfundly makes the payment procedure more customizable. Depending on the region you set for your fundraising organization, there might be other options available, such as AamarPay online payment gateway (for Bangladesh) and SSLCommerz (for Bangladesh).

8. Get Insightful Analytics Straight From The Platform Dashboard

Crowdfundly allows you to analyze your campaign data. However, this platform goes one step ahead of other fundraising sites like GoFundMe by enabling you to view the analytics straight from the Organization dashboard.

You’ll be able to evaluate and monitor the success of each campaign on your website. You can check graphical representations of your organization’s performance on the dashboard.

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Accelerate Your Fundraiser With Advanced Features 

While the features mentioned above are truly impressive, Crowdfundly has many more advanced features that can enhance your digital fundraising experience. You can find countless other features to help you create and manage an excellent fundraising platform.

Manage Funds Effortlessly From Your Dashboard

You can effortlessly manage all sorts of financial contributions made to your campaigns from the platform dashboard. Whether you are receiving funds through the digital portal or collecting cash and checks by hand, handling funds is no longer a worry – you can manage both online donations and offline donations on Crowdfundly with ease. 

There is an advanced wallet feature in Crowdfundly that enables you to keep track of all your financial data such as the net earning, the amount paid, pending clearances, tips received, and the amount available. All your financial summaries will be held in one place. 

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You can also enable ‘Escrow‘ to monitor your fund’s payments and transfers. Moreover, with Crowdfundly, you can payout methods and refund options too. To find out more about the amazing features available, visit our documentation


Share Your Campaign Brochure On Social Platforms

Now that we have covered some of Crowdfundly’s advanced features on creating and managing campaigns, let’s talk about growing them. With everyone glued to their screens in this online era, you can easily reach donors and contributors through various social media platforms directly from your Crowdfundly accounts. 

This platform allows you to create custom, ready-made brochures to spread the word to the world by sharing on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Connect Crowdfundly With Your WordPress Website

One feature that sets Crowdfundly apart from all other fundraising platforms like GoFundMe is that this SaaS platform also comes with a powerful WordPress Plugin. You can easily connect your WordPress websites through seamless integrations. 

With Crowdfundly plugin for WordPress, you can take advantage of all the features mentioned above without ever having to leave your WordPress dashboard by connecting Crowdfundly with your website.

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Moreover, Crowdfundly WordPress plugin has a powerful integration with Elementor Page Builder and comes with three exclusive addons for Elementor. So if you are using this popular drag-and-drop page builder, you can easily create your fundraising or donation website without any coding.

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Besides this, you can also build your donation website or fundraising website instantly with the help of ready Elementor template packs from Templately. These template packs are seamlessly integrated with Crowdfundly, so you can quickly and effortlessly build your donation website.

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Build Your Fundraising Platform Today With Crowdfundly

Crowdfundly allows you to raise funds and create campaigns with absolute ease and collaborate with your entire team, all from one place. It can truly take your crowdfunding experiences to newer heights and make them enjoyable. Try it yourself and experience all the excellent features that this platform can bring to the table. 

If you want to unlock all premium features and have the best digital crowdfunding experience, sign up for Crowdfundly’s super flexible and affordable premium subscription plans and get exclusive lifetime access starting at $59.00 only.

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Let us know about your thoughts by commenting below or reaching out to our support team; we would love to know your feedback. If you want the latest updates and news, make sure to subscribe to our blog or join our friendly Facebook community.

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#Crowdfundly is an all-in-one digital crowdfunding solution. Build to help you with any kind of fundraising, whether you are raising funds for donation or want to crowdfund a project. You could use it for your charitable organization or build your Kickstarter website using Crowdfund.ly.

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Introducing Crowdfundly: All-In-One Fundraising Platform To Get Donations

Fundraising your projects, or collecting donations for charitable causes can be challenging. But with the right fundraising platform, you can easily get financial help for your projects or charitable causes and manage your campaigns faster than ever. Introducing Crowdfundly, your all-in-one digital fundraising platform to help you easily donate or collect funds for any kind of campaign.

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Gone are the days where you had to take to the streets to raise awareness and collect funds. In today’s digital era, there is a simplified solution for non-profit organizations, activists, small businesses and even individuals to create a fundraising campaign and collect donations for any type of cause. 

This is where Crowdfundly comes in; it is an easy-to-use, advanced fundraising platform to instantly create campaigns, raise funds and support hundreds of campaigns from one place.

Table of Contents

The Team Behind Crowdfundly

Crowdfundly is brought to you by the Joules Lab team in collaboration with WPDeveloper to make fundraising faster and easier. The Joules Lab team worked passionately on developing Crowdfundly to make it an all-inclusive crowdfunding platform that has all the advanced features you need to donate and collect funds for campaigns.

Accelerating Fundraisers With Digital Fundraising Platforms

Whether you are an individual or a non-profit organization, starting a campaign and managing it can be quite difficult. Not only do you have to keep track of your fundraising progress and handle finances, but you also have to keep spreading the word until you reach your fundraising goal.

For organizations, there is the added pressure of delegating fundraising related tasks, managing the workflow and handling communications with contributors. Thankfully, with digital fundraising platforms like Crowdfundly, you can do all of these from one place and keep track of your campaign progress at the same time. 

That’s what makes Crowdfundly such a powerful digital solution for fundraising. With this all-in-one fundraising platform you can create campaigns, contribute to campaigns, manage funds and also collaborate with your team members.

Explore Crowdfundly’s Advanced Features

Want to find out how you can use Crowdfundly to handle your fundraising campaigns easily? Then let’s dive deep into some of the advanced features that come with Crowdfundly.

Raise Funds For Donation Or Reward Based Campaigns

Crowdfundly gives you the flexibility to raise funds for any type of campaign. There are two basic campaign types in Crowdfundly. One of them is a donation based campaign, which you can use to raise funds for charitable causes. Another is a reward based campaign, which you can use if you want to provide an incentive or a reward to contributors for helping you reach your fundraising goal.

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Besides this, when you create a campaign in Crowdfundly, you also get the option to choose your ‘Campaign Category’. There are tons of campaign categories you can choose from. These categories will help your contributors to understand what your fundraising campaign is about.

crowdfunding platform

Showcase All Of Your Campaigns With Branded Landing Pages

To raise funds for any type of campaign, you need to first grab the attention of potential contributors. The best way to do that is to design an attractive landing page that will contain all the necessary information and details about your campaign.

To help you do this quickly without any hassle, Crowdfundly comes with ready themes. You can apply these themes with a single click to create a branded landing page for your fundraising organization. Check out the demo below to get an idea of how your fundraising page may look like.

Crowdfunding Platform

Create Captivating Campaign Stories With Images And Videos

To get contributions or donations for your fundraising campaigns, you will need to create a compelling campaign story. With Crowdfundly, you can do this in less than 5 minutes. With the Campaign Assistant feature in Crowdfundly, you can not only set your fundraising target and deadline, but you can also create an image gallery, share Youtube or Vimeo video links related to your campaign and use blocks to write your campaign story.

Manage Your Team & Assign Roles For Smoother Workflow

Handling all of your campaign fundraising tasks can be stressful, but with Crowdfundly you can easily add team accounts and collaborate with your team members for a smoother workflow. Moreover, you can create roles in Crowdfundly, set permissions to each role and assign these roles to team members for more efficiency and productivity.

crowdfunding platform

Contribute To Campaigns And Support Any Cause By Giving Tips

If you are more interested in finding important campaigns to donate to, then Crowdfundly is a great place to start. You can create a contributor profile in Crowdfundly and look for hundreds of campaigns for all types of causes to contribute to. 

crowdfunding platform

To show your support for a campaign or a fundraising organization, you can give tips to any campaign in Crowdfundly to help that campaign meet its goal. Besides this, you can also choose to make anonymous contributions if you wish to keep your identity hidden.

If for any reason, you want to request a refund for a contribution, you can do that with Crowdfundly if the campaign you contributed to has that option.

Integrate With Popular Payment Methods Like Paypal & Stripe

To make donating and collecting funds easier for everyone, Crowdfundly supports popular payment methods such as Paypal and Stripe. You can easily configure your organization’s payment methods to connect your Paypal or Stripe account with Crowdfundly to donate funds, collect them, or manage refunds.

stripe configuration crowdfundly

Enable And Set Escrow To Easily Manage Your Funds

Want to manage your funds more securely and efficiently? You can enable the ‘Escrow’ option in Crowdfundly and set Escrow duration to regulate the payments and transfer of your campaign funds. 

Instantly Resolve Refund Requests From Contributors

If you have Escrow enabled, then you can also choose to allow refund requests for campaigns in Crowdfundly with a single click. What’s more, resolving refund requests from contributors is very easy to do from your Crowdfundly dashboard.

Handle Both Online And Offline Contributions All In One Place

To help you get full control over your campaign progress and keep track easily, Crowdfundly helps you handle both online and offline contributions, all in one place. You can easily add offline contributions for any campaign in Crowdfundly.

crowdfunding platform

Download Your Campaign Brochure And Share On Social Media

You can spread the news about any fundraising campaign by downloading the campaign brochure, which will contain a QR code that readers can scan to immediately visit the campaign link. You can also share a campaign on social media platforms with a single click. 

social sharing 01

Evaluate Campaign Performance With Insightful Analytics

With Crowdfundly, you also have an option to measure and evaluate the performance of each and every campaign. To help you do this, Crowdfundly comes with a built-in analytics tool. In your Crowdfundly dashboard, you will see a ‘Statistics’ tab where you can view insightful data about the performance of your campaigns and thus make better decisions for your fundraising projects.

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Get Exclusive Early Bird Discount For Crowdfundly

As you can see, there is a lot that you can do with Crowdfundly. From creating campaigns, donating and collecting funds, setting up team accounts and assigning roles, handling payments and refund requests–you can get all of these useful features inside this crowdfunding platform. 

Try it out for yourself and share your experience with us. Sign up for any of Crowdfundly’s flexible subscription packages starting at only $9.50 per month.

Or, you can grab an exclusive early bird discount and get Lifetime Access to all advanced features of Crowdfundly starting at only $49.00.

If you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, feel free to let us know in the comments below or contact our support team here. We would love to hear from you and improve your experience with Crowdfundly.