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Crowdfundly Changelog

Crowdfundly Changelog

We ensure you regular feature updates, bugfix and improvements to keep your site safe.


  • New: Custom Email Address for organizational email sending.
  • New: Settings to control the campaign single page.
  • Update: Performance improvements.
  • Fix: Organization domain cache issue.

April 11, 2021


  • Update: Email verification process for on-boarding.
  • New: Notice for un-verified email.
  • Update: Validate organization username with subdomain rules.
  • Update: Validate organization custom domain settings with dns rules.
  • Fix: Dynamic form default select option and form validation.
  • Fix: Reward regular price and offer price issue.

March 15, 2021


  • New: Visibility settings for 'Similar Campaigns'.
  • New: Consent settings with dynamic form.
  • New: Option to filter by campaign through contribution list.
  • New: Option to search and filer through category list.
  • Update: Shipping addresses are required for a reward-based campaign with shipping enabled.
  • Fix: Show Organization logo for organization sub domain.

March 04, 2021


  • New: Category management system.
  • New: Create category, permission added for team role.
  • New: Form lock mechanism for creating a campaign.
  • Fix. Dynamic form data in contributor dashboard.

March 01, 2021


  • New: Custom dynamic form creation and data collection process.
  • New: Endorsement status for the fundraiser.
  • Fix: Organization expiration check issue from the dashboard.
  • Fix: Video player issue.

Feb 25, 2021


  • New: Option To Control The Categories.
  • New: Settings to Enable/Disable Public Fundraising.
  • New: Shipping Address For Reward Based Campaign.
  • New: Option to  Disconnection Payment Settings.
  • Fix: Report Notification and Email Issue.
  • Fix: Cookie Content Overlay And Change.
  • Fix; Scroll in Fundraise Sidebar
  • Fix: Verify Page Spacing Issue.
  • Fix: Take A Tour Issue From Organization.
  • Fix: Organization Profile Overflow Campaign.
  • Fix: Update Modal Valid Video URL Check Method.

Feb 11, 2021


  • New: Support For WooCommerce Integration.
  • Update: Create Organization - UX Improvement.
  • Fix: PayPal Connection Issue.
  • Fix: Invoice For Free Package.
  • Random UI/UX Improvement.

Feb 08, 2021


  • Fix: Live chat issue
  • Fix: Typo, spelling, and grammar

Jan 16, 2021


  • New: Inline documentation
  • Update: Custom domain redirection from organization dashboard
  • Update: ACL for campaign create, custom domain
  • Update: Email contents
  • Fix: Refund issue from the personal Stripe
  • Fix: Brochure download Issue
  • Fix: Email verification issue

Jan 01, 2021


  • Update: Create an organization form
  • Update: Email contents and templates
  • Fix: Invoice amount issue
  • Fix: Campaign slug for non-English name
  • Fix: Uploaded file extension

Dec 22, 2020


  • New: Introduced the custom domain
  • New: Taken the application to SSR Mode for better SEO
  • New: Option to buy multiple licenses
  • New: Option to transfer the individual license to others
  • New: Added API key for third-party integration
  • New: 'Report' against a campaign
  • Update: Contribution process using Stripe
  • Fix: Data exporting issue
  • Fix: Role & permission issue
  • Fix: Issue to upgrade the package

Dec 21, 2020


  • New: More filters on campaign stats
  • New: Realtime username availability check on organization create
  • New: AmarPay integration
  • Update: UX of settings/payment page
  • Update: Delete account and delete organization modal
  • Fix: debouncing on search
  • Fix: URL redirection from my profile page
  • Fix: Currency symbol issue in contribute page
  • Fix: 'Almost there' filter on org campaigns
  • Fix: Gallery image uploader, loader issue

Sep 30, 2020


  • Update: UX of organization payment methods settings
  • Update: Notification for different actions
  • Fix: Tip settings, saving issue
  • Fix: Displaying anonymous contributors properly into the campaign contribution page

Sep 25, 2020


  • Update: Queued event listeners
  • Update: Media uploader
  • Fix: Blank page issue for deleted, rejected & drafted campaigns
  • Fix: Confirmation alert issue
  • Fix: Error message for social share

Sep 24, 2020


  • New: Offline donations list on campaign activity
  • Update: Translatable strings
  • Fix: Total raised campaign count

Sep 17, 2020


  • Update: Syncing frontend and server datetime to UTC
  • Update: Linking to campaign page from contribution page
  • Update: 'Delete Organization', button position
  • Update: Linking of my-account stats
  • Update: Organization's payment gateway UX
  • Update: Open graph content
  • Fix: Social login issue usign Google
  • Fix: Error on contribution page due to reload
  • Fix: Notification issue
  • Fix: Logout issue from dashboard
  • Fix: 'Newest' as default filter for browse campaign page

Sep 16, 2020


  • New: Footer version no. & last updated time
  • Update: Allow refund position
  • Update: Error message in payout response
  • Update: Contributed campaign count
  • Update: Fundraiser name in campaign details page
  • Update: Success message when campaign is published
  • Update: Contributor avatar is option now
  • Update: Dashboard stats labelling
  • Update: Payment methods UX
  • Update: QR code links of campaign brochure
  • Fix: Social links from organization settings
  • Fix: Country list through-out the application
  • Fix: URL issue in organization header

Sep 15, 2020


  • Initial stable release

Sep 11, 2020

1.0.0 BETA

Initial beta release

August 01, 2020